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The objective of this plan for the reopening of Lakeshore Hockey and Sports Center is to ensure that we take
the correct safety measures to ensure that we are keeping athletes, guests, coaches and employees safe and
healthy. Below are the guidelines that we are implementing into our rinks’s everyday procedure. We will be
following the NYS Guidelines with reopening, along with recommendations and guidelines that work best in our
We will focus on physical distancing, cleaning and reduced number of guests, reduced use of shared spaces
and objects and mandatory use of protected face coverings.

● Everyone entering the facility must wear a protective facemask at ALL times; except for participants on
the ice
● We ask that skaters home dress and arrive 15-20 minutes before their scheduled ice time
● Locker rooms will not be available for skaters 13 and under at this time
● Doors will be marked for entering and exit only
● The Lakeshore Staff will be consistently sanitizing the building, chairs benches, locker rooms when
open, bathrooms and touch points
● Spitting anywhere in the building is NOT permitted and you will be asked to leave if doing so
● All employees will be go through questions about their health and a temperature check prior to starting
    their shift or ice session
● We suggest players under the age of 13 get dressed majority at home
● In the locker rooms when open we ask that everyone stays socially distant and everyone must be
wearing their mask
● Throughout the building their will be CDC issued signs with useful guidelines and tips for social
distance and more

The safety and health of all skaters, guests and employees is our priority and for the safety of everyone, we
appreciate you adhering to the following guidelines:
All guest/participants/employees will be advised to try to remain 6 feet or more distance from others you are
not traveling with throughout the lobby, bleachers & locker rooms when open
We will be designating one door for entering only and one door for exiting only

When spectators are allowed in the building it will be one spectator per skater
Masks are required at all times for all spectators in the rink. Skaters should wear their masks until they put
their hockey helmet on. Figure Skaters are required to wear a mask until they step on the ice.
Skaters and spectators should enter the rink no more than 20 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time. When
locker rooms are open skaters are allowed in the locker rooms 20 minutes prior to their ice time to allow for
staff to properly sanitize the area. Skaters are asked to exit the rink no more than 20 minutes after the end of
their ice session
There will be signage posted around the rink with reminders about wearing masks at all times, keeping socially
distant, CDC recommendations for washing hands and tips to avoid the spread of COVID. Doors will be
marked as enter and exit doors only.
Throughout the building there will be pump sanitizers the we recommend everyone use
Locker rooms when they open will only be open 20 minutes prior to scheduled ice time. Players must wear
masks and stay as socially distant from other athletes as possible. Please make sure all trash makes it into
the trashcan and no spitting is permitted
We ask that no meetings be held in the lobby and once your ice is finished please don’t remain in the building
to socialize at this time
When spectators are allowed in the building if you use the bleachers spectators must be 6 feet from one
The drinking fountain and water bottle filling stations will not be available at this time. We ask skaters to bring
their own water bottles filled and clearly labeled with first and last name. Please do not share water bottles.

In the case that Lakeshore Hockey Arena and Sports Center is notified that a possible case was at our facility,
we will work with the Monroe County Department of Health and follow procedures

All employees are required to learn the best cleaning and sanitizing practices, safety protocols and more stated
in the Reopening New York Sports and Recreation Guidelines

Employee Health Concerns:
Upon arriving for an employees shift or ice session, the employee is asked to wash their hands. They will be
asked to answer a series of questions about their health and receive a temperature check. If the employee
does not feel well they are instructed to stay home.
All employees must wear protective face masks at all times once entering the building, They will be reminded
about consistently washing and sanitizing their hands & maintaining social distance from all guests.

Public Spaces:
Areas listed below are expected to be sanitized at least once per hour:
● Entrance & Exit door handles
● Front desk counter top
● Lobby Tables
● Handrails
● Restrooms
● Player’s benches
● Rink doors to the ice
● Chairs
● Touch points

When open players will only be allowed to enter the locker rooms 20 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.
Between each use the following will be sanitized:
● Door handles
● Locker room floors
● Locker room benches
● Hooks mounted on walls
● Showers

On-Ice Benches:
● Player benches-sitting surface
● Bench door handles
● Water bottle area
● Top of boards where players may jump over
We are excited for everyone to get back on the ice and we appreciate your patience through this process.
Please note that as we reopen, check back as our reopening plan may be updated or adjusted, guidelines are
subject to change.