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House and Travel Coaches for 2020-21 season are posted below.  Starting June 1st, Travel parents and coaches can begin discussing possible team assignments. Registration for Travel specific teams will begin June 11th and end June 30th.

House players will register for age appropriate level and will be placed on a team after signing period.

It is unlikely there will be on-ice tryouts or evaluations this year.  More details and  instructions will be forthcoming as we continue to work through the process.


MCYH AA Travel Teams / Coaches: 2020-21 Email Phone  
Birth Year Team Coach      
2011 Squirt Minor 9U Jon Summers (585) 414-9458  
2010 Squirt Major 10U Ryan Shannon (585) 750-8925  
2009 Peewee Minor 11U Miller Scott Miller (585) 414-0227  
2009 Peewee Minor 11U Occhino Joe Occhino (585) 713-3032  
2008 Peewee Major 12U Adam Driscoll / Chuck Dossier (585) 329-0232  
2007 Bantam Minor 13U Mike Anstett (585) 301-6642  
2006 Bantam Major 14U Randy Schmitt (585) 704-3558  
2005 /2004 Midget Minor 15U or 16U Brad Wheeler (585) 820-6332  
2002-2003 Midget Major 18U Fisher Terry Fisher (585) 748-3332  
2002-2003 Midget Major 18U Leonard Scott Leonard (315) 350-1073  
2002-2003 Midget Major 18U Simoncelli Ray Simoncelli (585) 797-8798  
Empire Red Coaches
2010-11 Squirt Red - Empire Mike Rich
***See Note Below regarding future tryout
2008-09 PeeWee Red - Empire Sean Adams (585) 5078631  
2006-07 Bantam Red - Empire Adam Werner (585) 754-0227  
*** Squirt Red team will be selected after teams are authorized to return to the rink. This is an effort to provide all interested players the oppurtunity.




2020-2021 House Teams/Coaches



Squirt- Brad Hillman

Squirt- John Ossichuck

Peewee- Jon Thrall

Peewee- Adam Niewiemski

Bantam- Ted Korba

Midget-Jake Schmale

Midget- Joe Hinds



Squirt- Chris Callery

Peewee- Tim Bansbach

Peewee-Joel Edick

Bantam- Dan Dettman