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Coach Hettinger & Williams  would like to congratulate the following players for making the 2019-2020 MCYHU18 TB Travel Team:


Balch, Andrew

Barkstrom, Jay

Billitier, Bryce

Ciccariello, Andrew

Feola, Jack

Gramlich, Jack

Koster, Tyler

McCullough, Matt

Molnar, Luke

Nasca, Aiden

Nasca, Alex

Shaubroeck, Bryce

Seymour, Josh

Sheller, Kevin

Spada, Dominic

Thayer, Huck

Tyler, Matt

Underwood, Jack

VanDamme, Ronin

Velepec, Tucker





There will be a mandatory meeting for parents and players to sign the intent forms on Tuesday, April 23 @ 7pm at Lakeshore.